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Muscle Relaxing Foods

We have all felt muscle tiredness and stiffness after a day of hard work that’s because of muscle soreness. This is very common with people of today’s age as we lack the necessary nutrients in the body to take care of the body.


We will look at ways by which we can use food and water to create an impact in our body and a few changes in our lifestyle to overcome this problem.


Our body is composed of 90% water and if we are dehydrated it directly affects our body and hence results in muscle tension.

Muscle tension is usually caused by mineral depletion in the body. Three most important minerals our muscles lack are potassium, calcium and magnesium. Taking these foods for muscle relaxation adequately will help rebuild and repair muscles.


Muscle relaxing food

Almonds contain high levels of healthy fat, magnesium and vitamin E. It reduces muscle soreness as it contains lot of antioxidants and reduces inflammation.

Beetroot Juice

muscle relaxing food

Beetroot are rich in Nitrates which work as vasodilator and is rich in antioxidants which helsp in muscle recovery.


Muscle relaxing food- Spa in annanagar

Eggs are rich in protein which is need for protein synthesis which is in turn needed for muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.


Muscle relaxing food- Spa in annanagar

Banana is rich in potassium, fiber and protein which replenish your consumed energy after a day of hard work. It is also rich in glycogen which helps rebuild damaged muscles.




Muscle relaxant - spa in annanagar

Blueberries are little nutrition powerhouse which can be used to prevent muscle tension. It helps to prevent muscle tension as it contains lot of antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.


Vitamin D

Muscle relaxant - Spa in annanagar
Vitamin d

Vitamin D sometimes called as sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D deficiency results in muscle fatigue,frequent illness, body pain among  others.

Foods rich in Vitamin D are Fatty fish, Egg yolks, yogurt, beef liver and milk. The best way to get     Vitamin D is by sunlight as this is the best natural source of this vitamin.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Muscle relaxant- spa in annanagar
Omega 3

This nutrient helps in muscle recovery as this contains anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 fatty acid is present in Fish, Walnut, Egg and flax seeds.

These nutrients along with proper hydration with water and proper vitamins will reduce muscle soreness and body pain even if your muscles are stressed after a heavy workout.

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