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Massage after Workout

Post workout Massage

Getting a massage post-exercise can greatly improve your recovery and reduce the risk of injury.

If we have experienced muscle soreness after a heavy workout it is because of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS).Either athlete or gym going person they should include massage in the post workout routine. In this article we will discuss about massage after workout its benefits and its effects.

Post workout injuries are common after we exercise even to the most experienced gym going person.Common injuries include Lower back pain,Muscle tightness,Leg pain,Shoulder strain,Wrist dislocation among others.

Massage after a workout greatly helps overcome injury which has happened during workout and also helps in healing the muscle soreness.Getting a massage after workout helps reduce muscle soreness and reduces muscle inflammation and speeds up muscle recovery faster.This process is made possible by increasing the blood flow to the part of the body where the muscle cell is damaged after exercising.

Types of Massage to increase Recovery after workout

Sports Massage

Sports massage treats specific sports injuries in he body.Here different massage techniques are applied to relieve muscle strains after an injury.The type of massage used depends upon the injury and the individual.Most common massage used here is Soft tissue,Deep tissue massage and full body massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets the deeper levels of the muscle fascia, helping reduce lactic acid and ease muscle knots and tension.The massage therapist will apply deep pressure using slow, sustained strokes on the body to target inner muscles and connective tendons surrounding the joints. This will get rid of adhesion, relieve pain, reduce stress and provide faster muscle recovery.

Full Bod Massage

This massage is applied all over the body.The therapist will give massage all over the body using mild strokes and pressure over any specific muscle or part of the body.

Benefits of Massage after workout

There are lot of benefits to using the above types of post-workout recovery massages. From pain management to improved flexibility and performance, here are some of the ways massage can help you bounce back from a workout injury or intense training session.

Reducing muscle pain:Getting a massage right after workout reduces muscle pain,soreness and inflammation.It reduces DOMS to set in and keeps the body flexible by increasing the blood flow all over the body.

Increases Recovery: Massaging the body after a injury or after a workout reduces the chances of injury and increases recovery of the damaged cells in the muscles of the body as it increases the blood flow to the cells as we massage the body.

Increases Flexibility: Post workout massage increases the body's range of movement and flexibility as the massage makes the muscles more elastic and softens the tissues which has tightened after a rigorous workout.

Relaxation:Massage provides full blood flow to the damaged cells of the body.Taking massage after workout helps the body and mind to relax in a better way which to reduce stress.

So taking a massage after workout is a great stress buster and useful to the body.Try Crunch Fitness one of the best gym in chennai to have a great workout and keep the body fit always.


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