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The Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin

vitamins for healthy skin

Taking care of your skin should be an essential part of your daily health regimen. It is,after all, your body’s largest organ.These are the best Vitamins for healthy skin.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is most often made when sunlight is absorbed by your skin. Cholesterol converts to vitamin D when this happens. Vitamin D is then taken up by your liver and kidneys and transported throughout the body to help create healthy cells and Skin.Vitamin D plays an important role in skin tone.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found at high levels in the Skin. Its role in collagen production help keep your skin healthy.

It decreases cell damage and heals in healing of wounds. Vitamin C can also help fend off the signs of aging because of its vital role in the body’s natural collagen synthesis. It helps to heal damaged skin and, in some cases, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Adequate vitamin C intake can also help repair and prevent dry skin.

Vitamin E

The main function of Vitamin E in skin care is to protect against sun damage. Vitamin E absorbs the harmful UV light from the sun when applied to the skin. It helps prevent dark spots and wrinkles.

Normally, the body produces vitamin E through sebum, an oily substance emitted though the skin’s pores. In the right balance, sebum helps keep the skin conditioned and prevents dryness. If you have particularly dry skin, vitamin E can possibly help counteract a lack of sebum. Vitamin E also helps in the treatment of skin inflammation.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential in aiding the body’s process of healing. The basic functions of vitamin K are also thought to help many skin conditions.Vitamin K is used to help reduce swelling and bruising. This may help speed up skin healing.

As vitamins are essential to your health and body functions, vitamin deficiencies can cause adverse effects on the skin. Since vitamins C and E play such important roles in protecting your skin from the sun, deficiencies in either vitamin can increase the risk of skin damage, including skin cancer.

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